• Check-in time is 2:00 pm. Check in at the office upon arrival. For late check-ins, please check the night registration board for your reservation and check in at the office in the morning. If the office is unattended, please call (315) 947-6163. Check-out time is 11:00 am.
  • 1 RV or 1 tent per campsite with a total of 6 people (maximum of 4 adults). A maximum of one vehicle and one small boat may be parked on your reserved site.
  • The speed limit in the park is 5 MPH AT ALL TIMES. For safety reasons, this is strictly enforced.
  • Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Playground hours are 8:00 am to dusk.
  • We are a pet-friendly park, however, ALL PETS MUST REMAIN LEASHED AT ALL TIMES. Please be sure to pick up after your pet immediately, using a plastic bag and disposing of it in the dumpster. Pets are not allowed in cabins or RV rentals.
  • Quiet time is 10:00 pm - 8:00 am and will be strictly enforced. Please be respectful of other campers and make this an enjoyable experience for everyone. Children under 18 must be at their campsite during quiet hours unless accompanied by the registered guest.
  • We are a FAMILY FRIENDLY campground. Obscene language or disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.
  • Harassment of other guests, because of sex, race, age, color, creed, religion, disability, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity is strictly prohibited. Examples of conduct prohibited by this policy include using racial and ethnic slurs, making offensive references to stereotypes, or making jokes about characteristics protected by law.
  • Sterling Creek Campground is not responsible for damage or theft. Please secure all valuables if you leave the area.
  • Campfires are permitted in designated fire rings only and must be extinguished before retiring or leaving the site. Do not move fire rings. Chainsaws and defacing trees in any way are prohibited. Firewood is available for purchase at the store. No outside firewood is permitted. Do not burn garbage, building lumber, plastic, glass, or metal.
  • Illegal drugs, firecrackers, fireworks, sparklers, sky lanterns, firearms, Air Horns, BB guns, paintball guns, slingshots, archery equipment, or any other type of explosives or weapons are not permitted.
  • A dumpster is located near the office. Be sure to bag all garbage and place it in the dumpster before leaving.
  • Returnable $.05 bottles and cans may be left behind the office. All money received from their return will be donated to our crafts fund and Friends of the Sterling Nature Center.
  • Our water comes from a well system and is treated with chlorine per Cayuga Co. Health Department regulations. Please help us conserve water whenever possible.
  • Please help to keep bathrooms, showers, and the playground clean. If you see a problem, please let us know so that we can address it immediately.
  • A first aid kit is located in the office. Call 911 in case of emergency.
  • All NYS laws are to be adhered to at all times, some of which include:
     Absolutely no underage drinking of alcoholic beverages.
    - Absolutely no illegal drugs of any kind.
    - Helmets must be worn by children who are on bicycles.
  • A valid drivers license is required to operate any motorized vehicle within the park.
  • Park use of 4 wheelers, ATVs, golf carts, etc are not permitted by guests. Golf carts are allowed for seasonal guests only.
  • To be welcoming to all, only United States of America flags may be displayed or flown. The exception to this would be temporary birthday party decorations or decorations matching a theme weekend event we are hosting, for example, Halloween.
  • Smoking and vaping is allowed only on your reserved site and is not permitted in cabins or rental campers.
  • Access to the creek is at your own risk. Be aware that the other side of the creek is NY State property.
Campground Etiquette
  1. Don’t walk through other people’s sites. Would you want someone walking through your house to get to the house behind you?
  2. Pack out what you pack in. Unless it’s precious metals, the next guests most likely don’t want what you’re leaving.
  3. Don’t litter. It’s just not cool and the creek, lake and wildlife will thank you for it. Not to mention the other guests and staff.
  4. Store your trash and food properly overnight. You’ll be bummed in the morning to see that some critter swiped it all or spread it all over the campground.
  5. Be nice. There is just no reason not to be.
  6. Have fun and enjoy nature!! Isn’t that the main reason you came camping?

Cancellation Policy

3% reservation fee + $20 cancellation fee are non-refundable.

No refunds will be issued within 14 days of reservation.

A no-show on the first day without notice cancels your reservation with no refund. Please let us know if you will be arriving after your reservation date.

Additional Information

We accept cash, Visa/Mastercard, and in-state check (with photo ID) at check-in.

No refunds will be issued due to inclement weather or early departure.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Still have questions? Please call us at (315) 947-6163! We look forward to hearing from you.

Photo Release

PHOTO RELEASE I hereby grant Starry Nights Outdoor Hospitality, LLC permission to use my image and likeness (photographs and/or videos) in which me, any family member, or guest appear for any of its public displays such as but not limited to websites, social media, and advertisement prints, without payment or any other consideration. I hereby irrevocably authorize the Starry Nights Outdoor Hospitality, LLC to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish, or distribute these photos/video for purposes of publicizing the Starry Nights Outdoor Hospitality, LLC or for any other lawful purpose of Starry Nights Outdoor Hospitality, LLC. In addition, I waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written or electronic copy, wherein I appear. Additionally, I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the photo/video. I hereby hold harmless and release and forever discharge Starry Nights Outdoor Hospitality, LLC from all claims, demands, and causes of action which me, my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, or any other persons acting on my behalf, on behalf of an estate, or may have by reason of this authorization. It is the responsibility of the registered Licensee to inform their guests of this photo use policy. If you do not want to be photographed it is your responsibility to remove yourself from the activity while pictures are being taken.


RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I AM AWARE AND UNDERSTAND THAT THE ACTIVITIES ARE POTENTIALLY AND INHERENTLY DANGEROUS ACTIVITIES THAT INVOLVE THE RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY, DISABILITY, DEATH, AND/OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT ANY INJURIES I SUSTAIN MAY RESULT FROM OR BE COMPOUNDED BY NEGLIGENT EMERGENCY RESPONSE OR RESCUE OPERATIONS OF STARRY NIGHTS OUTDOOR HOSPITALITY, LLC. NOTWITHSTANDING THE RISK, I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I AM KNOWINGLY AND VOLUNTARILY PARTICIPATING IN THE ACTIVITIES WITH AN EXPRESS UNDERSTANDING OF THE DANGER INVOLVED AND HEREBY AGREE TO ACCEPT AND ASSUME ANY AND ALL RISKS OF INJURY, DISABILITY, DEATH, AND/OR PROPERTY DAMAGE ARISING FROM MY PARTICIPATION IN THE ACTIVITIES, WHETHER CAUSED BY THE ORDINARY NEGLIGENCE OF STARRY NIGHTS OUTDOOR HOSPITALITY, LLC OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, HAZARDS ARISING FROM STAYING AND BEING OUTSIDE, INJURY OR DAMAGE ARISING FROM CAMPFIRES OR FIRES IN GENERAL, DANGEROUS ANIMALS OR INSECTS THAT MAY BE FOUND IN THE AREA INCLUDING BLACK BEARS, INJURY OR DAMAGE ARISING FROM ANY WEATHER RELATED INCIDENTS, INJURY OR DAMAGE THAT MAY ARISE FROM ANY BODIES OF WATER ON OR AROUND THE GROUNDS, INJURY OR DAMAGE THAT MAY ARISE FROM THE OUTDOOR TERRAIN AND THE DANGEROUS VEGETATION LOCATED ON SUCH, AND ANY INJURY OR DAMAGE THAT MAY ARISE FROM ANY RECREATIONAL AMENITIES AND ACTIVITIES THAT MAY BE ENGAGED. I hereby waive, release, and forever discharge Starry Nights Outdoor Hospitality, LLC, its affiliates, managers, members, agents, attorneys, employees, staff, volunteers, heirs, executors, administrators, representatives, predecessors, successors, and assigns from any claims resulting from physical or personal injury, pain, suffering, illness, disfigurement, temporary or permanent disability, loss or death, and any property damage that may occur caused by fire, theft, vandalism, accidents, natural events, or any other occurrences or mishaps. I am here at my free will, and entirely at my own risk. I understand that these injuries or outcomes may arise by my own or others negligence, conditions on the Campground, or related to travel to and from the Campground. Starry Nights Outdoor Hospitality, LLC is not responsible for errors, omissions, acts, or failures to act pertaining to any party or entity conducting a specific event or activity. I fully understand that this is a release of liability that waives certain rights I possess. I agree to voluntarily give up, or waive any right that I otherwise have, to bring legal action against Starry Nights Outdoor Hospitality, LLC for any personal injury or property damage whatsoever for negligence on the part of Starry Nights Outdoor Hospitality, LLC, its agents, and employees. This waiver and release of liability shall remain in effect for the duration of my presence at the campground. INDEMNIFICATION: I further agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Starry Nights Outdoor Hospitality, LLC, and all related agents, entities, and employees, against any and all claims, suits, or actions of any kind whatsoever for liability, damages, compensation, or otherwise brought by me or anyone on my behalf.